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How to get indexed by Google in 2 Minutes

Search Engines are becoming smarter and efficient day by day. As Google has big search market share so everybody wants to get indexed quickly on Google so they can start getting the traffic on website. Many professionals believe that it’s not easy but actually it’s easy to get indexed.

Before going ahead, you should have account in GWT (Google Webmaster Tool) and your website should be verified there. If you have not yet, then please read my previous post which will guide you on adding and verifying website in Google Webmaster Tool.

There are plenty of articles on web, which ask about submit URL, Adding in sitemap, bookmarking and sharing post in social media etc. but actually such tactics don’t work as fast as we need. I have a 100% guaranteed tactic which will help you to get your website’s page/blog indexed in 2 mins. Follow the steps below:

STEP 1. New Page/blog

We should have new page ready with a SEO friendly URL. If you have not right now with you then upload your content on blog/website and get an URL.

For example I am working on website where I posted a new blog and get SEO friendly url created –

STEP 2. Fetching Googlebot to crawl that new page 

 Now, I have a URL which is new and I have to get it indexed. I go to GWT Panel and navigate ‘Fetch as Google’ under ‘Health Menu’ in left hand side. Check the screenshot below:

Update: (2 July) – This feature is now moved under ‘Crawl Menu’ as GWT panel is updated with new look on 2nd of July.

Enter new URL and click on ‘Fetch’ button. After fetching, you will get below screen:

At starting, you will get ‘Fetch status’ as pending but GWT automatically refresh this page and you will find ‘Fetch Status’ as ‘Success’ in few seconds.

STEP 3. Click Submit to Index 

You will find an active ‘Submit to Index’ button in front of the URL that you fetched with Googlebot. After clicking on button, you will find a pop-up which will ask for indexing only ‘URL’ or ‘URL and all linked pages’. I will suggest you to choose ‘URL’ and click on OK button.
After clicking on OK button, you will get a message – “Your request has been received and will be processed shortly” and ‘Fetch Status’ will be showing as Success. It means your webpage is in process to get indexed in Google. If you want to see how googlebot has crawl your webpage then click on ‘Success’ link.

STEP 4. Verifying the Status of Indexing

Now time to verify the indexing status. Copy that url and paste in search box in Google. I did with my URL and found below screen:
Here you can see that my URL is indexed in Google just 2 mins ago. And, I made a search in few mins with a keyword and found below result (2nd screen).

How Googlebot works behind the scene 

 Googlebot is set of commands which work as crawling software in World Wide Web for Google. This gathers information from different-2 websites and collect content/documents to add in Google Search Database. Googlebot search different-2 website by crawling the website to another website. All the information while crawling goes to Google Database where they filter the crawled pages according to their Search Engine Algorithm.

Google’s crawling software crawl the entire page from top to bottom and Googlebot read every element of page like Title, Description, H1 etc… All such elements play important role in search engine ranking so Googlebot analyze every word and element while crawling and indexing.

Sometimes, the above steps take time around 10-15 mins on newly built websites. But, it works beautifully when your domain comes under a good and informative website. If you have used any other tactic to get a new page/blog indexed by Google in 2 minutes, please share by commenting below.




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