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SEO : Surviving The (Google) Penguin Updates

A new revolution has been introduced by Google with its recent Panda and Penguin updates. Several websites have been badly hit by these updates that their online revenues and website traffic have drastically dropped, dwindled, and went to oblivion!

So, what exactly is the Penguin update about? The Penguin update is a new algorithm change which targets websites that are ‘over-optimized’. These websites may have practiced one of the following; (a) black-hat SEO practices, (b) keyword stuffing, (c) heavily used spun content and syndicated it to various blog networks, to name a few. The new update waged war against spammy content found on the web today.

Now, the question boils down to how websites could survive the great Penguin update?

Here are the answers to that one BIG question:

1 – Create High Quality Links

You must be aware that backlinks can be created through various ways and avenues available online. You can do it through social bookmarking, blog commenting, social networking, etc. But in order for your online business to recover and survive from the proverbial ‘hurricane’ brought about by Google’s new algorithm shift, you must be careful where you put or leave your links.

Always aim to link back only to high-quality and relevant websites, otherwise Google’s prying eyes might caught your site and penalize it for over-optimization. Irrelevant and highly spammy links are now a thing of the past.

2 – Stay Away From Keyword Stuffing

As soon as you have completed your keyword research and are now ready to add them to your web content, always keep in mind that keyword stuffing is now a no-no for any web content. The currently allowable keyword density is limited to 1-3% only. So, spread your keywords accordingly and have them flow naturally together with your content and avoid overusing any of them.

3 – Avoid Using Spun Content

Avoid rehashed content altogether. Spinning articles into a new version with low level uniqueness is treated by Google as spammy. Search engine now sees it as a way to manipulate and influence search engine results. The new algo will easily catch your website and badly penalize it. So, if I were you steer clear of article spinners and content syndication services.

4 – Content Is Still King

Google still believes that content is definitely king. Focus all your energy in creating unique, brand new, and engaging content at all times. Devote your time in coming up with an interesting and insightful content which even your readers will surely enjoy and benefit from. Every time you create a fresh and compelling web content, chances are you’ll see a gradual increase in your site traffic and it will for sure boost your search engine rankings.

5 – Say No To Automated Software

SEO can spell a lot of work for anyone who wants to rank one in major Search Engines fast. At some point, most of us resort to automated software and bots in the hopes of speeding up the entire process and cut back on costs. However, creating too many backlinks too quickly will not only hurt your website, and search engines will sense them rather too quickly that in a blink of an eye all your online work will go down the drain as search engines penalize and ban your website for creating tremendous amounts of backlinks in a short span of time.

Following these simple guidelines will definitely save you from getting your website de-indexed and penalized. Closely adhering to these principles will help you survive the great Penguin and the rest of search engine updates yet to come!

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