SEO Tips for today Thursday, February 28, 2008 Consult from Marvin

I just did a business advice

About two weeks ago, my girlfriend just lost her web editing job. It was a really bad news and my girlfriend was totally devastated learning her “bread and butter” didn’t need her services anymore. Good thing though she still has her blogs for reinforcement.

As a boyfriend, I was there for the support and consoling part. As a SEO specialist, I was there to push her with her blogging and help in maximizing its profit.

First, we checked her website design. Is it catchy? Is it engaging enough for readers and visitors? Then we tried to look into her content management. Are they long enough to be indexed? Are they interesting enough to readers? Are they updated regularly? Going through all these checking and stuff it seems like my girlfriend got herself a business advice. And I am of course the adviser…

I really do hope my short experience in the search engine help her out with her finances.


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