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Domain Registration: (One) Key to SEO

Have you done almost everything to increase the searchability and readability of your blog/site? Are you tired of doing all those promotional stuffs but still don’t get a lot of bookmarks?

Well wanting to top the search engine may somehow be really frustrating sometimes. A lot of times it’s just so upsetting doing quality posts that don’t get read in the end. Yeah, I know how that feels. But let me tell you this; sometimes people just tend to be looking so far when the answer’s just right at the tip of their nose. Get back to the basic.

So the problem is neither your content nor your site’s design; then maybe the problem is your domain itself. Yes, domain registration also affects a site’s searchability. When your site’s domain is catchy, short, and easy to remember (of course granting you back it up with rich content), then it’s safe to assume that readers would definitely be coming back your site.

And of course with a good domain name should come with a good host, right?!


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