SEO Tips for today Thursday, January 31, 2008 Consult from Marvin

What I am and am not as a SEO specialist

A lot of people I know cannot really comprehend what I do as a SEO specialist. To some, it’s just mere surfing the Internet; others think I’m doing a call center related thing. Some people also believe that I earn lots of bucks with this job.

Oh people… Well as a SEO specialist, I don’t just surf the Internet, I dig the worldwide web to link sites to specific categories and eventually increase their searchability. A linker is different from a telemarketer or a sales agent since a linker isn’t really concerned with marketing; so no, it’s not really call center related. And contrary to what others think, I don’t earn lots of bucks here. In fact my pay often gets delayed that I end up seeking for some cash advance.

I would have to thank resources like for offering services like cash advance and payday loans though. I mean you know, without this kind of help, I wouldn’t actually know where to get emergency cash whenever my salary comes a tad delayed.But with the experience and learning I get as a link specialist, I guess it’s all worth it.


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