SEO Tips for today Tuesday, January 15, 2008 Consult from Marvin

Secure a fast and reliable Internet connection

Now for the past few days, weeks, and months we’ve been talking about topping the search engine, getting high traffic, and getting more readership. This time, let’s go backward and talk about your computer, specifically your Internet connection.

Well we all know that without a good computer connection, everything in YOUR e-world is disrupted. So what do you do? First you do a speedtest
to find how fast or how slow your connection is. If the result is not so favorable, then I guess you’d need to change your ISP and switch to BT.

As UK’s most complete broadband, BT features packages that will surely suit all your e-needs. Are you the type who just regularly checks emails, surf the Internet, and chat on the phone? Then BT’s option 1 is just right for you. From £8.95 a month, you already have a fast and reliable Internet connection. Now if you’re the one’s who’s in to emailing, Internet surfing, downloading music, and chatting on the phone, then BT’s option 2 is perfect for your wireless, fast, and reliable Internet connection needs. Lastly, if you consider yourself to be a heavy Internet user, then avail of BT’s option 3. From £18.99 per month, you get yourself unlimited downloads and an unlimited Wi-Fi minutes.

So if you love your precious time, then get your computer a BT.


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