SEO Tips for today Wednesday, January 02, 2008 Consult from Marvin

Discounts, anyone?

Well Happy New Year everyone! Since it’s a new day for the new year, let’s go mellow down from the usual SEO stuff and just enjoy some little conversation…

Yesterday, my girlfriend just got sick (so much for a kick off this year); well blame it on stress due to extensive shopping for the holidays. And just like all other girls, she too is a sucker for sales and discount coupons. What my girlfriend didn’t know is that she can get the same discount without the hassle of jumping from one mall to another ONLINE.

Yep, who wouldn’t want a $50 discount on a Las Vegas trip from Travelocity? Or up to 40% off your favorite Adidas shoes? Well, they’re all available online and ready for grabs. Actually, had I known this thing earlier, my girl wouldn’t have ended being sick right now.


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