SEO Tips for today Monday, January 14, 2008 Consult from Marvin

Content Matters

As most of you would notice, Google just updated their PRs or Page Ranks. Well my site didn’t go neither up nor down so I don’t actually know if it’s a good sign or a bad sign.

Some may not be so concern about it, but for those who are maintaining a site or a blog like me, these Page Ranks are vital to our “virtual existence.” And although the concept of Google’s Page Ranks may seem to be so complex to comprehend, bottom line is that your PRs are a big factor in bringing traffic and searchability of one’s site.

So how does one get a high Page Rank? There is actually no definite technique to increase a Page Rank. Linking is one way; that is optimizing both your inbound and outbound links. But I say, focus on your site’s content. Content is KING! for example, an online casino ratings website registers a PR 4. As a review site for various gaming sites, one would assume that the PR is not just due to their ‘linkings’ but mostly because of its content; quality ones. With their extensive reviews of online casinos and poker rooms, the site is definitely worth-reading for those who are planning to play casinos online.

So if you want to an improvement of your PR and of course your site’s readability and searchability, remember that the counts most.


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