SEO Tips for today Monday, December 31, 2007 Consult from Marvin

General Search Tips

Searching the Internet can be a time intensive process that may require patience and a good sense of direction.

Try not to get lost amid the myriad of links and Web sites presented to you. Sometimes, you can land on a Web site, which takes you to other links, which take you to other links, until you no longer remember where you started and what you were initially looking for.

Keep track of the first site you came from, and if it seems like the site you were looking for, then either bookmark it, copy the link onto a word document, or keep it open.

As for what words you type into a search box, try different variations of words and sentences for alternate results. There is no magic way of doing this; so try various possibilities and stick to what works.

Once you become accustomed to a certain search engine, finding what you're looking for will become a breeze -- now the only thing left will be searching for you once you become addicted to the Internet.


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