SEO Tips for today Sunday, November 25, 2007 Consult from Marvin

Home While Seo 'ng

Me and my dog named Bamboo we love to stay home. While in my free time I am doing my seo stuffs , he is always there at my side, that is if he's not wrestling our cat named Ilaga. I can never really hang out as of this time with my friends ‘coz I stayed at home seo’ng. I hope this Christmas the renovation will be finished in our house. It is renovated to be a perfect house. We need space, clean space coz there are many members of the family. By Christmas it will be huge white and minimalist house made of glass, steel and concrete. Since we are situated here at very high spot, and it’ll have a wonderful view to the ocean and to the city. Added with the 25 meter pool is on top of the house, with the oportunity of putting or taking off the ceiling, in case of sun/rain. Then to give completion and peaceful mind I will have it American Home Shield.

Arrgghh I’m dreaming did I say that? Oh that’s my ideal house anyway thanks bamboo for biting me I’m awaken.


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