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Code of Ethics

To all blogger this is a good thing to ponder..

Every blogger on the Eastwick Agency Blog has signed the agency’s Social Media Agreement, and has further agreed to abide by the following Code of Ethics.

What we stand for:

* We are honest, ethical and fair
* We write about things that matter to us, our clients, journalists, business partners, and the PR community.
* We are professional communicators. This is reflected in everything we write, say, and do.
* We clearly distinguish fact from our opinions.
* We will not shy away from controversy, nor will we embrace it for the sake of generating buzz.
* We represent the interests of our clients and the agency. This should not surprise anyone.

How we manage our blog:

* We strive to be transparent, and disclose all potential conflicts of interest.
* We approve all legitimate comments promptly
* We acknowledge and correct errors without hesitation.
* We do not use obscenities, derogatory slang, racial or ethnic slurs, or other offensive language, nor do we approve comments that use this language
* We keep original blog posts intact, marking changes to previously posted material

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