SEO Tips for today Thursday, November 22, 2007 Consult from Marvin

5 E's in SEO Blogging

Since blogging has been used as a part of SEO, well at least the basic tactic of seo. We will put some Es on it to draw in inspired readers.

1. Effective
How effective are you in bringing influential content across to your readers? To be effective is to meet your readers’ expectations of you and your blog. A good blogger will establish the focus of their niche from the beginning. They know their strengths and weaknesses and have researched the barriers and opportunities that are abound in their niche. Doing all these leg work will put you in good stead in churning out quality content that will meet readers’ expectations.

2. Expectations
Your readers’ expectations are constantly changing and may be perceived as demanding at times, that is not surprising. In fact, you would do well to expect such dynamic expectations and be prepared for it. Managing these expectations well will push your blog a couple of notches up the rankings.

Regular communication with your readers and other blog owners or industry leaders in your niche will help in discovering expectations and updating them. With this detailed knowledge, you can set out to effectively design and develop a user experience that will focus on meeting and exceeding these expectations and objectives.

3. Efficiency
Being efficient is the ability to manage resources and expectations – your readers and yours. In blogging context, resources would include time and content. Efficiency actually applies both ways, why do I say that? As a content provider, we must consider the time and effort our readers put in to visit our blog and read our blog posts. Do we actually make it an enjoyable experience for them?

On the other hand, an experience that focuses on clinical efficiency will lead to your blog appearing soul-less. Your posts may lack the personal touch and does not connect with your readers on an emotional level. Once the emotional and personal connection is non-existence, your readers will feel automated and processed. A disengaged reader will definitely go elsewhere – and probably never to return.

4. Engaging
Engaging your readers is to connect with them on an emotional level. It entails making them feel special, recognized and appreciated.

Bloggers who aim to connect with their readers have staying power and “stickiness” as they can win over their readers’ hearts, not only their time. Why is that so? Well, because an emotional connection between the blogger and the readers was made, and such pull of the heart string do make them feel recognized and appreciated and they enjoy this special feeling every time they read your blog.

If you are such a blogger, your blog will be the first to come to your readers’ mind when they think about or discuss topics relating to your niche. They will remember how you make them feel and the best thing is that they will tell others about you.

5. Enjoyment
You must be able to enjoy what you do, simple as that. Your happiness and joy will shine through in your articles and your readers will be able to feel it.



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