SEO Tips for today Tuesday, August 14, 2007 Consult from Marvin

Death of SEO

The patrons of Social Media was hoping and now celebrating the death of seo.

"I can only hope that there will be a death to SEO and the practices that have been devised and conducted under the influence of SEO theory and practice. Heretofore, SEO has motivated web site designers to relegate considerations related to providing the best content possible from the perspective of potential readers of the contents displayed upon the site, in order to prioritize the optimization of web pages for purposes of appealing to search engine bots and spiders: an effort that is geared toward achieving the highest possible serp’s for keywords that are marketed by the site. "

But I would assume that their hope refers only to one of the black hat seo tactics the so called "Link Spamming" and not totally the whole seo.

"...merely flooding the cybersphere with backlinks pointing to some trash site that one is attempting to optimize"

If so social media will be buried with the it. Because its a part of the basic seo like link popularity.

I just hope that G really will emphasize link-authority instead of link-popularity, 'coz I can still cite many websites rank well on top with irrelevant inbound links. Which is very true to most of the known Search Engines.

I don't think seo will be dead because its life is indefinite.

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