SEO Tips for today Monday, June 04, 2007 Consult from Marvin

Be Reputable Seo

It could be a seo tactic marketing a signature that's by a hyperlink. When others click the link and look at your site. Others might find it valuable or not but when it doesnt gained trust surely they will just pass by. As Jonathan Ledger, a great marketer on the net said:

"when promoting your products and services, don't forget to take measures to establish yourself as a trusted authority."

Very important to have our own ethics as seo. This is a way we could be professional.You will not be building a career alone but a life. I once said seo's a fad but I've seen it evolving I dont know how it ends and I have been benefiting on it.

"A Professional SEO is the key to your success on the internet by targeting the right keywords and making sure that your site is found when people are looking for you."

To have seo tactics and seo strategies could be limitless but bear in mind maintaining to be a reputable seo.


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