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SEO Ethics

Search engines are keen to have an accurate (if not always complete) picture of available sites on the web. This can be for various reasons, but the obvious underlying one is the almighty dollar. A more accurate, and therefore helpful, index means a higher popularity among users, which means more users, which means higher advertising revenue, and more submissions revenue (in the case of PFI - pay for inclusion - search engines).

This gives search engines a trade off. Search engines want to index as much of the web as possible, yet they want their search results to be accurate. This is the trade off that has created the concept of spam. Unethical, or ignorant webmasters use spam techniques to artificially boost the rank of their websites with search results pages, diluting the quality of search results, and thereby reducing the quality of those search engine results. This means that although the search engines are gaining larger indexes, their accuracy is more questionable resulting in fewer users and falling revenue.

Because of this, search engines are continually researching spam techniques, and evolving their search algorithms in an attempt to prevent spammers from flooding their search results pages with irrelevant content. Occasionally, they also resort to banning certain users or sites from accessing or submitting sites to their index for periods of time to prevent spam, although this is in extreme circumstances, or where there is no "quick-fix" in an algorithm change.

Search engines are increasingly looking to embrace ethical SEO companies, and have made vociferous efforts to be seen to listen to the concerns of the legitimate SEO industry. This has created much more of a culture of openness with search engines than was apparent in the past, although a cynic might say that this is also due to the move towards the PFI concept which makes SEO companies, and their clients, customers of the search engines. That aside, legitimate SEO companies are now in a strong position to influence the evolution of search engines, and indeed of their own industry by employing ethical methodology, and becoming valued search engine customers.
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